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Daniel Kruger, Store Manager

The Mellick name has been synonymous with high quality men’s fashion and tailoring since the 1920s. Victor Mellick’s dedication to men’s fashion is legendary – with over 50 years of experience in the men’s fashion industry and excellent customer service to the men of North Queensland, Victor Mellick Mens Fashions is now seeing the third generation of customers coming through the door. “I’ve been with the company for just over seven years and have definitely become part of the family”, says Daniel Kruger, Store Manager at Victor Mellick. “Although I’d worked in retail before, Victor has become my mentor in all aspects of running the business, from customer service through to financials.”

Tailors are now considered specialist luxury businesses and in the current climate of the retail industry, stores need to keep a close eye on consumer and business trends. “With the retail industry, online buying is the major competitor, however we’re seeing a sharp resurgence in exclusive, quality products being fitted properly”, says Daniel. “Returning purchases is common practice in the online world; however we simply don’t see that. Our outfitting is personalised, and knowledge of each piece and our customer base is essential. “Fashion changes rapidly, so it’s essential we’re on the pulse with trends. Victor goes to the Milan fashion shows each year to ensure that we are providing an exceptionally high quality of fashion – he is far ahead of his time when it comes to luxury men’s fashion. When new lines come in, we call our customers to make personal recommendations. People love to be remembered. You simply can’t get that experience online.

“The future of men’s fashion is also moving towards a more holistic ideal – etiquette and social skills are just as important as looking good. It’s that ideal that has elevated Victor Mellick to a luxury product.”


Matthew Calanna, Pharmacist & Owner

Arguably the biggest challenge as the new owner of a family business is retaining the original vision while scaling to grow in a modern world, however it can be done as Calanna Whole Health has shown. Now in the hands of the next generation, the group is still described by the family as something they built with their hearts and souls.

Matthew Calanna, Pharmacist and Owner of Calanna Whole Health says “My father, Mario had been exposed to the health industry from a young age – his aunt was one of the first female pharmacists in Australia. When he finished high school, my grandfather gave him the choice – to study, or to take over the family cane farm. He chose to study, then opened the Calanna Medical Centre and Pharmacy in Woree in 1976. My father was forward thinking and brought naturopaths into the business in the early 90s, then included a herbal dispensary not long after that.

“I started in the business in 2003. I’d always had an interest in small business – it’s what I’ve always known. It was a natural progression to work with the family, but I also wanted to expand. We now have 11 stores through Queensland. “One thing we needed a solution to was staff training, so we ended up developing a training app working on voice recognition. The goal is to impart the skills and knowledge of our more experienced staff onto the younger graduates. The app works product knowledge, disease state, optimising performance in sales and loyalty club sign ups. “What makes me so proud of this business is that we are still very much in touch with where we came from – that it’s a family business and we still all get along! We might not agree on everything, but we still stick by each other.”


Dale Jackley, Baker & Owner

Dale Jackley is the owner of Jackley’s Bakehouse, a custom cake business that Dale started with his wife in 2012. Although a relatively young enterprise, the baked goods and bread industry has faced a number of challenges in recent years, including growing competition from supermarkets’ instore bakeries. However, with the consumer shift away from factory-baked bread towards specialty and artisan retailers, bakeries like Jackley’s Bakehouse are seeing a resurgence in retail trade.

“The last few years have been interesting”, says Dale Jackley. “Small locally owned bakeries were struggling to compete with the supermarkets and the buying trends of price savvy customers. This meant we had to diversify to survive.”

Starting off with only fresh bread, Jackley’s Bakehouse now produces a full range of baked goods including custom cakes and desserts and has a strong social media presence alongside local support from the Mt Sheridan community and the wider Cairns CBD area. “Our business has definitely evolved. From a bread store that relied on walk-by trade to a specialty cake store that collects majority of orders from Facebook, the impact of social media has been extraordinary. Social media is also a snapshot – our customers are able to identify with us as a young, local family.

“One of the cornerstones of our business is to support charities and local community aid. We aim to help as many as we can whether it’s a small or large gesture. Remaining human for your clientele is a big part of being a successful local small business.”

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