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Top 3 Reasons for Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs

Expertise & results

Dedicated marketing agencies make it their mission to help your business succeed. Their wide skill-set is invaluable. You won’t need an in-house graphic designer, videographer, social media expert, PR specialist and website expert, among other specialists, because marketing agencies provide all the expertise needed. Even if you have an existing marketing team, it’s advantageous to seek out the services of an agency when you need extra resources or specialised help.

Fresh ideas & innovation

Having someone with marketing finesse and fresh eyes to view your business not only brings objectivity to your marketing strategies, it also brings fresh and innovative ideas. Today’s marketing experts are dedicated to understanding the latest industry trends, technological tools and data analysis such Google analytics to help map out a successful strategy.

Economic benefits

There are a number of financial benefits in bringing in an agency instead of employing a person to handle your marketing requirements. To start with, you will save you money on wages, sick-day entitlements, holiday leave, maternity entitlements and superannuation. Outsourcing gives you the expertise and skills needed without the extra overhead expenses.

Outsourcing Is a Beneficial Resource

The increased use of digital technology, new tactical advertising campaigns and the demand for more innovative and effective ideas has changed today’s marketing landscape. How does a small to medium-size business keep up with the big guys when it comes to marketing themselves?

Many business owners are discovering that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fully understand – never mind capitalise – on the ever-evolving marketing demands of the day. Unless they employ a team that includes a graphic designer, social media expert, videographer, photographer, writer, advertising guru and a website specialist, their marketing strategies aren’t as contemporary as they need to be in order to stay competitive and relevant.
While plenty of large companies employ an in-house marketing department, some actually still source an agency for on-flow, many small and medium-size businesses realise that outsourcing their marketing requirements is actually more beneficial than employing an internal marketing team.

“There are a variety of reasons why these business owners are looking outside their employee pool for their marketing requirements,” says Ange Collins, Founder and Director of Adllins Media. “Many find it more economical to employ outside professionals that hold a diverse range of skillsets. Generally, agency teams are experts with real industry knowledge in their respective fields, ensuring marketing strategies are easily facilitated across all aspects of today’s marketing requirements – we see ourselves as an extended team to our business partners ,” adds Ange.

Reputable marketing agencies in Cairns live and breathe the industry, so their knowledge is extensive across a range of mediums including the ever-growing social media and video platforms. It’s in their best interest to demonstrate their marketing acumen for achieving a successful ROI for business owners.

Everyone wants to get a bang for their buck. Hiring an internal professional to cover a business’ marketing needs includes paying their wage, holiday pay, sick-pay entitlements, maternity/paternity leave, tax and superannuation contributions. That one person may be skilled in a certain area, such as graphic design, but today’s savvy businesses require dedicated and specialised knowledge across all aspects of marketing.
If a pipe burst in your office, would you try and fix it yourself, or would you call a plumber? As a business owner, would you do your own accounting or tax returns without consulting a specialist? If you’re not in the marketing profession yourself, how do you know what marketing strategies will work best for your business, how do you identify and reach new clients, how do you take advantage of the growing social media market and a plethora of other contemporary methods that can help your business grow?

Local businessman Brendan Turner, Operations Manager at Turner Home Appliances, was handling all the business’ marketing requirements until late 2017 when he sought out Ange Collins and her agency for their assistance.
“It was becoming a bit overwhelming for me to keep on top of the marketing side of things as well as complete my day-to-day duties in running the store,” he says. “Reps from the different media outlets would visit and give me information and schedules, but I just didn’t have time to study them in depth.

“I was struggling to do the marketing myself, especially keeping on top of social media and our website. We needed professionals with proper expertise, so we went to Adllins Media. It was an excellent move. Not only are our sales growing, but we saved about $100,000 from our budget in the first year.”

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