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North Queensland owned audio visual and business technology company NQAV have launched their new office location in Cairns, as a result of increased business and projects in the Cairns region.

Audio visual technology is one of the flagships of modernisation. As we have more and more information made available to us, the way we consume this information is becoming increasingly important. The AV industry is booming and evolving at a rapid rate, with many advancements made in the field that are reshaping the industry. Whether you’re an AV pro yourself or in the conference and events space utilising AV technology and teams, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest technological advancements driving the industry.
NQAV is North Queensland owned audio visual and business technology company that has been servicing the region for over 14 years, recently expanding showroom offices from their home base in Townsville to offices in Cairns. Operating across Queensland from Mackay up to the Cape and west as far as Birdsville, NQAV projects have ranged from installing conferencing technology in multiple rooms in corporate offices, to setting up audio systems and lighting for school auditoriums, and even event equipment hire to remote locations. They have serviced a number of industries including local government, Queensland Health, Defence, charities, universities and schools, and recently completed an extensive installation for state-of-the-art conferencing facilities at the new GHD Cairns building and are finalising installations for the AFL Cape York House for Girls.
The face of NQAV in Cairns, Ian Parry, has clearly identified some of the emerging trends within the industry. “The conferencing market has boomed due to the expectation and reliance on video”, he says. “New conferencing technology offers the convenience of face-to-face interaction without ever having to leave the office. Although video conferencing has been around for a long time, with Microsoft buying out Skype and developing the Skype for Business platform, software-based conferencing has enabled any business to have a quality experience, yet still affordable.”
Progress within the field of innovation is certainly about making life easy, which is the overarching goal of the business. “The technology that NQAV delivers does exactly that”, Ian says. “The intelligence built into some of the equipment available today is phenomenal, but being able to use it without needing a degree is the challenge. That’s where innovative thinking comes into play.
“One such example would be the development and integration we have placed into the Google home system to control our AV systems, for domestic or business environments. It’s great and wonderful investing in technology to assist with business and life, but it needs to be reliable and simple enough to use – for anyone! With so many manufacturers competing against each other, consumers are the definitely the winners in the end.”

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