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Small Business is a BIG deal

Following the launch and ongoing success of the ‘Keep it in Cairns’ campaign, Cairns Chamber of Commerce have launched ‘Small Business is a Big Deal’, highlighting the importance of small business initiatives in the run up to the state election. It is of paramount importance that the new government elected on October 31 is acutely aware of our key priorities as ninety-seven per cent of our business community falls into the category of small business.

Small businesses are a BIG deal. They are the engine room of local communities, drivers of the economy and key to creating a prosperous future for all Queenslanders. And Chambers of Commerce across Queensland are uniting to make sure businesses know how the next elected government plans on supporting them.

In Queensland, there are 445,830 small businesses, which represents 97.4 per cent of all business in Queensland. Collectively they stimulate the economy by $113 and employ 44 per cent of Queensland’s private sector workforce. It is these businesses that are the backbone of Queensland’s economy.

Throughout this election campaign Cairns Chamber of Commerce alongside CCIQ will be amplifying the needs of the business sector as Queensland businesses need the reassurance that any incoming government has their back with policies that will support their recovery and future success. 

What needs to happen this election? 

The next State Government needs to commit to policies that will transform Queensland’s economy. For business to succeed it’s useless reverting to what’s been done in the past because it wasn’t working. Last year alone, four businesses closed their door every day, and that was prior to COVID.

For businesses to get back up and grow and to continue being the backbone of communities, Queensland’s economy needs to be transformed.

Transformation won’t come from short-term thinking. It will come from an ambitious government enabling a business to operate within an advanced economy with sustainable practices to be resilient now and into the future.

Transforming Queensland’s economy to build resilience, eco-efficiency and productivity is critical to the viability of our communities and businesses. The next State Government must prioritise investments and policies that accelerate a sustainability-led transformation to advance our economy, enable industry diversification and develop future workforce skills.


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