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Even as we move further into a digital world, there will always be a place for print. Print is tactile and seductive, powerful and effective, and remains one of the strongest tools your business has for communicating your brand.

When it comes to choosing the perfect commercial print and signage company, it’s important to remember that your choice is about more than just ink and paper. Print marketing products are a valuable call to action for your clients, communicating that your brand is the best option for their needs. Many people have indicated that print is struggling to hold its value in a digital world. While the internet and digital platforms do indeed account for the biggest slice of the marketing pie, there’s still an important and ongoing role for print into the foreseeable future.

When the Far North’s largest privately-owned printing company, Lotsa Printing, was restructured in 2017 to allow the owners to transition out of the business and for it to take on a more streamlined and cost-effective format, the focus of the business was always to remain both locally-focused and technologically driven. This new format required the company to be split into two divisions – production and retail – with the retail division being taken over by long term employee and General Manager, Marty Griffiths. This allowed Lotsa to remain firmly entrenched in the North Queensland marketplace. In fact, this local knowledge is one of Lotsa Printing’s best assets.

“Commercial printing is a service industry,” says Marty Griffiths of Lotsa Printing. “Our point of difference is our customer service, without a doubt. We are the printer that goes above and beyond to meet, and more often than not exceed, our client’s expectations.” And Marty would be right in this confidence – having been with the company for over 17 years, his relationship with businesses all over the region is faultless.

“The team at Lotsa know how to remove the stress from the clients print order process and simply get the job over the line and delivered,” Marty says. “From sales, through to creative design and administration, our entire operation appreciate that the client is the sole focus of the company and that their job depends on them. Happy clients mean repeat clients and our retention rate would have to be one of the highest in the industry.”

The best commercial print companies are the ones that are able to think outside of the box. Creative, cost effective, high-quality printing is a great way to influence customers into making the decision of which printing company to work with. By using images that inspire audiences, colours that encourage feelings of positivity and creative strategies that motivate imagination, a well-established print specialist is able to educate you on the best print marketing options for your brand or product.

“The uptake of large format printing has provided almost every printer around the world with a new market sector to expand into via an existing client base,” says Marty on the topic of current marketing trends in printing and signage. “The traditional offset or digital printer is a thing of the past – now you supply corflute signs, banners, point of sale signage, wind flags, stickers and vehicle graphics with that standing order of 1000 business cards and 5000 flyers.

“Lotsa Printing are also proud of delivery time expectations. The question every printer is asked several times a day is, ‘how soon can you have this done?’ It is not uncommon for us to have to turn jobs in 24 hours or even less. We are always upfront about turn time needs and expectations.”

Lotsa Printing is also at the forefront of creative brand positioning in the industry. “Brand awareness is always key to marketplace retention and growing a client base,” says Marty. “The Lotsa name is well known in Cairns after 23 years of business, but that only goes so far. We pride ourselves on always being supportive of community events and schools, as well as using strategic media placements to promote the Lotsa brand. By utilising these strategies for our brand, we are inadvertently showing our clients what they can also do.
“Add to this the impact of eCommerce, and the words ‘change’ and ‘diversify’ are very common in management and team meetings. Lotsa has some exciting roll outs penned for next financial year to better engage with the eCommerce market.”

Through print marketing, businesses have a powerful opportunity to interact directly with clients. In a year where brands will be working hard to prove their quality and value, being associated with high standard printed material is the best investment you can make into your brand.

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