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Moving with the times

Since their doors opened in 1958 as Typewriter and Office Supplies Company (TOSCO),
has been servicing the local and wider community of Far North Queensland. With a proud history established in Cairns and an imminent re-opening in Townsville, Tosco has moved with the times to firmly establish themselves as a progressive business providing well rounded business solutions to various sectors both locally and internationally.

“Originally we were just running office supplies, however we have evolved to now provide additional products and services including photocopiers, managed print, commercial furniture, cleaning and janitorial supplies,” says Director Stephen Gardiner, who purchased the business in 2004.

“We’ve also found an increasing demand for “digital workflow” and we have some significant alliances with major software houses that work in that area.  Implementing suitable workflows can assist businesses in streamlining processes whilst improving performance, making all areas more efficient from reducing paper consumption to speeding up and automating data for businesses and developing data storage solutions.  We can perfectly orchestrate and customise workflow solutions that suit the need of each individual business.”

Stephen says it can be as simple as automating invoice payment and storage, which can significantly reduce an organisation’s costs and improve the management of resource allocation. 

And while Tosco provides the latest in products, Office Products Sales Manager, Vanessa Gatto-Baldin believes it’s also their service that has set them apart from their competitors and contributed to their longevity in the region.

“The relationship component is extremely important,
we understand our customers, we are there for them and it becomes a very personalised service. If there are issues, we’ll find the solution without focusing on the problem,
we work together, and it becomes more of a partnership rather than just a supplier and a customer relationship.

“We offer in-house consultancy where we sit down with business owners and managers and create a solution regardless of the size and experience of the business.
We review what your organisation is currently doing and tailor to your needs – it’s our point of difference. We don’t just have staff who are selling, they are specialised and have
a complete understanding of our products.   We offer onsite face-to-face and certified training to customers, installation and complete after-care service.  This is key to our ongoing success.”

Never content with the status quo, Stephen and his team are constantly looking to improve their offerings. And after expanding south to Townsville in April 2019, they recently took the opportunity to further enhance the services on offer to their growing clientele.

“During the pandemic so we took the opportunity to further understand our southern market, expand our warehouse/distribution centre and bring it into line with what we have in Cairns. It really was the perfect time to do it,” says Vanessa.

Vanessa says Tosco Office National will be providing the same products and services in Townsville as they currently do in Cairns.

“We will be carrying the one philosophy across both branches. It’s simply having two points of contact that can efficiently service all of Northern Queensland.  This is extremely important for the businesses of Cairns who have offices or branches in Townsville – they can get the same service in two locations.

“We believe this will now open our business up to organisations that weren’t previously working with us be it in the government, corporate or commercial sector.  We are looking to create and build the same relationships in Townsville that we already have here in Cairns where we are working with the community in its entirety.”

And if the current Cairns landscape is anything to go by, business in Townsville is sure to flourish. Director Stephen says current business extends as far as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia along with Cairns and the wider region.

“We work with some major mining companies that aren’t necessarily based in Cairns but they use us because of our service levels.  Another one of our biggest customers is Education Queensland where we are very strong in both providing equipment plus back to school and classroom supplies for many of the schools in the region. In addition, we have very strong links with local government especially Cairns Regional Council and most of the surrounding councils.

“We are excited about seeing the business grow in Townsville and Tosco is and making sure we put our best foot forward to ensure success.”

Stephen is also dedicated to providing opportunities to the local community and will be adding more staff to the Townsville business in the new year.

“In Cairns we have 22 employees and in Townsville we currently have two staff members, two more will be starting in the next couple of weeks with further expansion planned for the new year.  As the business grows, we will be able to employ more residents.”

So, with no better time than now to support a hardworking local business, Tosco Office National is standing by to offer great business solutions to put your organisation on the front foot heading into 2021.


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