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Millennial Messages

Connect Cairns caught up with some Millennials over the break to understand what their message is to potential employers. of those we spoke to over 70% have started their own business and are keen to leave their mark in cairns. these pocket rockets have an agenda and gave us great insight into a generation looking to leave their footprint on an inspiring new world.

  1. What are important key factors in your career for the future?
  2. If you could choose your ultimate career what would it be?
  3. What would be one thing you would like to communicate to your future manager?
  4. What motivates you – pick one!
    • Money
    • Learning
    • Holidays
    • Flexible Work Conditions

Jenna Fegatilli – 27 Business Support Officer QLD Government Housing

Jenna Fegatilli

  1. That I have ability to really implement my own ideas, action them and really build a business from the ground up. The idea of going through the motions of starting and running a business really excites me. Being able to have flexibility, make money but also build a reputable go-to business are key factors for me.
  2. Ultimate career – Interior Designer.
  3. Flexibility in the workplace is not a bad thing. I’m a more efficient happy worker who gets more done when I know my manager is supportive of the fact that I’m also a mother.
  4. Money / Flexible conditions I currently co-direct a Roofing business with my partner. It’s been operating for 5 years ( I worked behind the scenes in the business while I was also working my own day job). This allowed me to see the two sides of employment, being both an employee and employer and that knowledge is so invaluable. I learnt how to multi task like a ninja and really pushed me to use all my 24 hours each day – whilst being a mother as well!! Now I’m in the start up stages of building a design/production business of small liveable dwellings such as containers etc.

Ashlee Beck – 24
Disability Support Worker

Ashlee Beck

  1. Some important key factors for my career in the future is education, I like to continually learn in my job and also every person I work with is different so building rapport and being a people person is really important in this field.
  2. I’m actually a writer by heart and I write novels, I’ve published my first one, so my ultimate career would have to be an author, writing novels to make a living.
  3. I’d like them to know that I’m always ready to step up and do well at any job or task that they give to me. I strive to do my best and do well in my role.
  4. Learning, definitely learning, the only way to do better is by learning new skills or going over prior skills as a refresher. It’s the best way to know your job inside and out and a sure way to do it well.
    First Published Book – ebook at this stage. Amazon has some issues making the hard copy. It’s called “Fight For You”.

Eleese Vinter – 32
Creative Therapist and Coach
Vitality Events

Eleese Vinter

  1. Being surrounded by passionate, driven people who share the same vision. Work flexibility is also an important aspect in my career.
  2. I am truly grateful to be working in my ultimate career as a Creative Therapist And Coach. I just love being able to share how these modalities of practice can enable a person to let go and move forward.
  3. The value of thanking staff for good quality work.
  4. Holidays

Alyson Wilkins – 36
Food & Beverage Manager

Alyson Wilkins

  1. Learning and Career development were the most important career factors for me. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are overlooked and not given the opportunity to learn and grow.
  2. My ultimate career is to own, operate and run a franchise of unique mobile bars around the country. I love travelling, and I believe this will give me the opportunity to do so.
  3. Future Management – Create a morale boosting workplace culture and adhere to it. Staff do not work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.
  4. Holidays are my motivation. My husband and I work hard and travel harder! We are true believers of work life balance. Book that trip and make it happen. Otherwise something will always come up. Business owner of

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