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Creating healthier workplaces

Supporting healthier employees has become increasingly apparent since Covid-19. Thanks to a local businesswoman’s idea and support from the State Government, Queensland businesses are now able to enhance the health of their staff members in an easy and convenient manner.

A new app called Sophus Nutrition, created by Cairns’ accredited practising Dietitian Tara Diversi in 2018, is giving businesses the opportunity to provide personalised nutritional advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week to their staff from a team of professional dietitians. And it’s recently launched Corporate Program offers free access for six months if the business signs up during October.

“The corporate program that is being offered for all Queensland businesses provides free access to our Silver Level Program, thanks to Advance Queensland,” says Tara, CEO of Sophus. “The Silver Level Program gives businesses access to six of our 30 self-guided nutrition programs through our app as well as account management and access to additional employee resources such as our webinar library and live nutrition webinars.

“Through this offer, Queensland workers are able to access personalised programs to help them eat well for health, for a healthy weight, for self-managing a chronic condition, for working from home, for healthy families or for eating well when being more active. The option to access nutrition information specific to their needs or wants to improve their health creates a healthier and more productive workforce.” 

Users of Sophus Nutrition, believed to be Australia’s first mobile health application, can sign up for a digital self-guided nutrition program that drip feeds evidence-based nutrition information to them over the course of their program in the form of visuals, articles, videos, recipes and practical tips. The app also uses SMS and push notifications to nudge users towards their goals.

“The corporate offer gives businesses the opportunity to provide their staff a world-class corporate nutrition program for free, giving their staff the opportunity to improve their health to improve business performance,” says Tara, who is also the President of Dietitians Australia and National Dietetic Adviser to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“After working with organisations and their employees for almost 20 years, we realised there was a need for personalised, 24/7 nutrition support, responsive to each individual’s needs, regardless of their health, personal circumstances or location.

“The app also allows the user to set goals, track their progress, access tips and healthy recipes and receive support from qualified dietitians via their mobile phone, regardless of where they are.

“It’s like having your own personal dietitian in your pocket.”

The free corporate program is made available thanks to an Ignite Ideas Fund from the Queensland Government and support from Minister for Innovation Kate Jones.

“We know that nutrition can help with physical, mental and social aspects of health, and this is a great way for businesses to support their staff while they are dealing with the impacts of Covid-19,” she says, adding that the Ideas Fund is about creating future jobs and opening up new markets.

“We’re committed to investing in innovative local companies that employ and support Queenslanders,” she says. “It’s wonderful to be able to help Sophus scale up and deliver this app, and I am excited about its potential to create healthier workplaces.”


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