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Chat2 Tourism Packages

Chat2 is a local Cairns business and only successful recipient to assist the Queensland tourism and hospitality industry with their M.O.R.E or Tourism recovery package. The support of the Queensland government has meant that they are able to offer this package initially free then at minimal cost for six months. The package is offered exclusively (case by case is also considered) to Queensland tourism and hospitality businesses to empower them to engage more with potential customers and maximise their revenue.
Chat2 Concierge essentially provides an online engagement service 24/7 through a business’s own website with real people utilising our unique Chat2 software, where their customer service team engage with visitors in the moment they are motivated to book or buy. The main benefits for the industry are:
  1. They encourage visitors to purchase while on the website so drives more direct bookings/sales.
  2. They are available 24/7, so can assist website visitors from around the world.
  3. They save businesses time by reducing the amount of repetitive enquiries staff have to respond to.
  4. They keep visitors on websites for longer benefitting SEO rankings.
  5. It is fantastic value – a fraction of the cost of employing someone to do the same.
  1. First 2 months FREE with incremental payments of $49, $99, $149 & $199 at month 6.
  2. Includes 24/7 Chat2 Concierge services, software and set up, knowledge base creation and maintenance, monthly reporting and 200 chats per month.

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