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Marketing in a digital world

Words // Amy Schultz, Digital Marketing Manager at Adllins Media

If you’re in business, there’s a chance you’re already on social media, and if you’re not, you should be.

It isn’t enough to just ‘be there’ though. In the ever-changing digital world with constant software upgrades, algorithm updates and trend changes, it’s more important than ever to not only be ahead of the pack in your industry, but to also follow all the hidden social media algorithm rules so you aren’t ranked low in newsfeeds!

But how do you do this?
Failing to plan is planning to fail. The key is your social
media strategy.

Your strategy should include:

  • The brand’s identity and voice
  • Your long- and short-term goals
  • Your audience persona
  • A list of competitors
  • A list of pages that you aspire to be like

Once you have those questions answered, you’re ready to create content, which is the next most important factor to a strong social media presence.

The content you post on your platforms should be directed at what your target audience is interested in, not just what you’re interested in. Sometimes this takes time, analysing data, and creating polls to directly ask your audience and observing similar brands that operate on a larger scale. If followers are regularly engaging by liking, commenting, sharing or saving your content, AI on social platforms ranks you higher as you are giving quality content. Seek relationships, not just followers. 100 followers that regularly engage with your content are more valuable than 10,000 that ignore you.

Consistency is a must! Whether it’s one post a day or three posts per week, stay consistent with the quality and quantity you are putting out to your followers.

Social platforms are continually updating their algorithms, and it’s a space you need to be in constantly to adapt to. Organic social media strategies is only a small portion of the Digital Marketing World, but it is an important part. Aligning Facebook and Instagram ads as well as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) all assist with your organic content reaching more of your target audience, but ensuring you follow the platforms’ algorithm alongside this will keep you ahead of the pack.

Another thing to remember is that social media is designed to make businesses more personable. Whilst it’s still important to stand by company values and professionalism, it is also important to be human. A mistake many businesses make on social media is coming off as a faceless corporation with zero personality. In the current age of transparency, people want to get to know your company on a more personal level. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke or add an emoji!

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