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Living luxury

Local real estate agent Daniel Sheehan hit a stroke of good fortune when he was chosen to exclusively list one of the most luxurious residential properties the region has ever seen, situated at 46-48 Kewarraa Street.

The property4you Principal scored the lucrative listing through corporate connection group Business Networking International and said word of mouth was crucial to business success, particularly in a region such as Far North Queensland.

“You don’t find referrals if you’re not talking to people,” said Daniel. “Same as in real estate, you don’t find a sale or business if you just sit in your office on the computer, unless you’re mass marketing to people through email or social media.

“You have to be on the phone a lot or networking and talking to people, asking the right questions in the right way to the right people as well.”

Since establishing the business in 2009, Daniel has sold around $60 million in property in the region and averages about 13 sales a year.

While the Kewarra Beach property is a far cry from his usual listings at an estimated $12 million valuation, Daniel said his attitude to the property is no different to previous sales.

“I don’t go for massive mansions generally,” he said. “I need to have tidy, clean business dealings and if it means a $290,000 house in Bentley Park or a $300,000 house in Manunda, so be it.

Pictured // property4you Principal Daniel Sheehan.

“There are a couple of agencies that focus on those higher end properties, and they’ve pretty much got the market covered, but they also still sell smaller properties. So why can’t the smaller agencies sell bigger properties?

“I deal with the people, not the property. I spend as much time on the lower priced properties as I do with the bigger priced property. There may be different selling techniques, but the time and effort I put in is still about the same.”

His effort is clearly paying off, with 18 properties sold so far this year and a growing list of returning loyal clients.

According to Daniel, the trust he develops with his clients is what keeps them coming back to him.

“If people know me, like me and trust me, I think that’s the important equation to get right,” he said.

“It’s a people business. I say I sell bricks and mortar, but that’s just what the perception is. It’s dealing with people’s wants
and needs and emotions, that’s important to me and my real estate business.

“I also really like the warm and fuzzies I get when I’ve helped someone sell their house, or when they buy their dream home.”

For those looking for warm and fuzzies of the most luxurious kind, property4you has begun taking Expressions of Interest across Australia and internationally for the deluxe Kewarra Beach listing.

Connect // property4you.com.au


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