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New security hub’s secret assignment

North Queensland’s newest and most capable security hub can now reveal it was recently home to one of the nation’s most prized possessions, the Melbourne Cup.

Valour Security Services was entrusted to store the treasured commodity during the Cup’s recent visit north for the Cairns Amateurs Carnival.  

Valour Director Dean Hoult said a member of the Cup’s security team reached out to the company for assistance with the covert operation after seeing their state-of-the-art security hub and Executive Safe Deposit Boxes at Valour’s exclusive opening last month.  

Dean said the company’s facilities are unmatched in the region in terms of modernity and capability. But he said the people working there were just as important in making Valour Security Services the right choice for the job.  

“Our family has been in the industry 40-odd years, and I’ve seen the best and the very worst. I’m glad to say that with the team we have here, and the professionalism, the building and the security – I’m a little bit biased – but we are the best,” said Dean.   

“I would gladly put us at the very top of the heap. It’s not just the secure building that puts us there, it’s the management and staff working as a team to guarantee an outstanding job.  

“When [the Cup’s security team] found out what they would be guarding, they said they didn’t go anywhere else. They came directly to us for the secure storage of the Cup.”

Despite the honour and notability surrounding the Cup, Dean said the company recognised the importance of unwavering professionalism and integrity.

“The confidentiality of the Cup’s location was so crucial that very few people within our company knew what we would be storing; the majority of the team were in the dark about what they were taking care of.

The Melbourne Cup pictured with Valour Security Services’ Executive Safe Deposit Box opening.

“It was a ‘need to know’ and that’s exactly what we work on, if you don’t need to know then that’s it. Security is paramount in this building and in this company.  

“We value private citizens’ valuables just as much as the Melbourne Cup. If you have your valuables in the safety deposit boxes, we treat them exactly the same. We’re here to protect your valuables in the most secure building in North Queensland.”  

Dean said that throughout the 10 days the entire team was professional as always and excited when they finally found out what they had been guarding.  

“When the gentleman pulled out the Melbourne Cup it just went dead silent in the office space,” he said.  

“No one could believe it was that close to us, it’s an iconic trophy. Very few people get to see it and even fewer get to hold it.  

“It was an absolute privilege to have it on our site and to guard it.”  

Valour Security Services is located in Smithfield and provides state-of-the-art 24/7 security alarm monitoring and on-site Swiss bank designed Safe Deposit Boxes. 


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