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Keeping the human connection in a virtual and distanced world, with Lesley Van Staveren

Author and public speaker Lesley Van Staveren discusses the importance of human connection and empathy in business, as seen in her August newsletter.

I don’t know about you but the more times I hear the expression ‘the new normal’ the more I feel it accentuates being displaced from normality. ‘It is what it is’ is probably the most fitting term for me personally as it allows more acceptance of the current reality, which then gives more ability to work with how things are. 

While some thrive with uncertainty and embrace the opportunity to review how they interact and the services they provide, others may struggle with not knowing where the next dollar is going to come from. Then combining this with reducing or removing what gives empathy with each other, such as social connection, can lead to a coldness and lack of care or value in the way we interact with each other. 

Humans are social beings. How likely are you to continue to use a service that left you feeling like you were just a sale to be closed and that they weren’t interested in what you actually need?
What about in your team? How much better would the environment perform if there was pause enough when someone is communicating what they need to truly listen? Being heard enables people to feel valued, wishing to contribute more and be fully engaged.

The same goes for your clients; it’s the capacity to slow down, listen to the detail and put their needs first that sets you apart.

In a virtual and socially distanced world how can you continue to enable being connected? It starts with you and having a pure intent driving the way you interact and having transparency and value based outcomes that benefit all parties.
For example:

  • Enable direct human contact where possible.
  • Allow for questions and real-time feedback.
  • Ensure if you are on a virtual call that everyone is fully present, not checking emails or working on another project at the same time (if you were face to face you would give full attention – bring the same presence virtually). 
  • Truly listen – this means you are aware of the non-verbals including body language, facial expressions and tone. Seek first to understand before you respond.
  • Accept people as they are and difference of opinion.
  • Remember there is hidden potential in every person.
  • Be accountable and consistent.
  • Whatever the scenario, remain calm in communication.
  • Celebrate the wins, give recognition and acknowledgement to progress and achievement big and small.

With this in mind if you wish to make improvements the next step is to identify if there are any patterns, for example is there a common way that your team or customers respond to you or each other? 
What can be improved based on this?

Aspire to empathise, be compassionate and create the environment for transparency, respect for different opinions and enable others to be heard. It’s these skills that leave a lasting impression and build the foundations for long term relationships.

There’s more aspects that I’d love to share with you from the last month. If you wish to know more about the following areas click here.

  • Scalable Skills – Dan and I have been refining our offering over the last several months and our website is soon to go live. We believe effective communication is the key to beginning, growing and retaining great relationships within your business. As we evolve into a digital led world, the ability to enhance the human connection is what makes you stand out. Our vision is to enable you and your business to have engaged teams, loyal clients, increased productivity and great presence in your market.
  • Episode 7 ‘Owning Your Personal Power’ of our Podcast based on the book Be Your Own Hero is ready for download via iTunes and Spotify.
  • The full coaching program Be Your Own Hero has been launched and can be delivery via 1:1 or group sessions. 

Have a great week, stay safe, healthy and connected.

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