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Digital Billboard Draws the Eyes

A new titan of outdoor advertising has hit the region, with a mammoth digital billboard lighting up the streets of Cairns.

The location of the new digital billboard from Paradise Outdoor Advertising has a traffic count of more than 36,000 vehicles every day, positioned on the side of the Barr St Markets outside Stockland Shopping Centre.

POA Representative Dan Kendrick says the positioning of the digital billboard presents the perfect marketing opportunity for visual brilliance, mass exposure and flexibility. 

“The busiest periods are obviously the morning peak hour traffic on the way into the CBD, but we also see massive numbers in and around school drop-off and pick-up,” says Dan.

“Due to its proximity to Stockland, there are excellent numbers outside those peak times as well. It’s constant, it’s busy, it’s slow moving—perfect for a digital billboard.” He says the flexibility offered by the billboard is second to none.

“Imagine sitting in the boardroom on a Monday morning, a new promotion or product is decided upon and within half an hour it’s being presented to tens of thousands of potential customers. 

“That ability to upload artwork to a mass audience, in real time with changes within your business, is a visual media opportunity that’s hard to come by.

“Not only that, for businesses that need to target specific times of the day or week, we can manipulate the artwork schedule to suit your business.”

Dan says feedback from both advertisers and the general public has been overwhelmingly positive. “The quality and size of the structure has surpassed expectations,” he says. 

“Numerous potential clients have made direct contact after seeing the billboard for the first time. We have had walk-in leads generated inside the Barr St Markets itself.

“Businesses that want to target families are making their move due to the school traffic, along with the realisation that many families do their grocery shopping at Stockland and in the Barr St Markets.” He says their next area of focus is the tourism and events industry.

“Being the gateway to Cairns, it’s a fantastic location to communicate with the growing domestic drive travel market. “If you have an event and you want to pack it out, what an incredible mass exposure location to pre-promote and drive ticket sales.

“If you’re a tourism operator, what a brilliant visual opportunity to introduce your product directly to the eyeballs of those who enter Cairns.” He says spots are filling quickly with businesses snapping up both long-term bookings and targeted short-term bookings. 

To secure a space go to www.paradiseoutdoor.com.au


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