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12 Weirdest Business Services in the World

Got a unique business idea or way to expand your existing business, but not quite sure if it will work? Well at Connect Cairns we have tracked down 12 of the weirdest services in the marketplace, and you might be surprised at what strange concepts have been a hit!

Potato Parcel

You probably know them better as fries but it turns out the humble potato has more to offer than you realise. Potato Parcel is a quirky delivery idea designed to show your loved one how you really feel about them. Tell that special someone how mash they mean to you (see what I did there!) by sending a potato with a custom message on it. If nothing else your gift will be remembered!

Hangover Heaven

Most of us have been there….woken up the day after a big night and felt less than human. Well Hangover Heaven is a medical service located in Las Vegas dedicated to curing hangovers. By providing intravenous anti-nausea and anti-headache medications along with IV fluids and antioxidants they can get you back up and ready for your next drink in no time.

Lice Removal

If you’ve ever had to deal with icky head lice, you’ll appreciate the services of a specialised head lice removal service. Sure you can head to the local pharmacy and buy an off the shelf product OR you can pay a professional to do the dirty work for you. Professional head lice removal services are popping up all over country and proving to be very popular.

Dirty Rotten Flowers

Perhaps a love message on a potato isn’t really your thing, don’t worry Dirty Rotten Flowers (DRF) has you covered. This business sends bouquets of dead, rotting flowers to your enemy, ex or even best friend who has a great sense of humour. With bouquets called ‘Morticia’ and ‘I love you not’ the intention is clear. DRF helps you say “thank you”, when what you really want to say is “thanks for nothing”.

Invisible Boyfriend

Sick of navigating the online dating world? Wish you had an answer when you get asked if you’re still single at the next family gathering? Well perhaps an invisible boyfriend is the solution. Invisible Boyfriend is the digital version of a real boyfriend, without the baggage. Design him yourself by picking out his age, photo and personality, and if you need help the team at Invisible Boyfriend will help you create a back story of how you met. Trick the nosy people in your life into thinking you’re in a relationship, without the hassle of actually having one

Rage Room

Ever had a moment when you wished you could just throw your laptop out the window? We’ve all felt like that and now you can do something about it. Rage rooms are the latest craze in stress relief by providing a safe environment where you can let loose and smash the hell out of various items. Leave feeling relaxed, happy and exhilarated after a session with a baseball bat.

The Pet Toilet

The Pet Loo is an indoor toileting system for your dog, cat and any other pets living with you. Great for apartment living and to toilet train puppies and kittens, the Pet Loo offers a more “stylish” alternative to traditional pee pads.

UX Testing Services

We all know how important e-commerce is, but how user friendly is the website you are about to launch? While it might make perfect sense to you, would your Mum or Grandma be able to navigate their way around your site? The User is My Mom, is a service designed to put your website to the test by real Mums and Grandmas. For $75 you are provided a write up and screen cast about their user experience.

Trees of Steel

NatureMaker has found a niche in the market for handcrafted steel art trees for hotels, casinos, museums, zoos, theme parks and luxury homes. To see them is to appreciate the realism of what they are able to create. Starting at $10,000 their customised trees can be seen in some of the world’s most prestigious locations.

Glitter Bomb Your Enemy

If you are a parent or even if you’ve just attempted craft at home, you’ll know that glitter is without a doubt one of the prettiest AND most annoying creations known to man. While it might finish off an at home project nicely, you are guaranteed to be sweeping, vacuuming and picking that stuff off every surface until the day you die. A number of businesses have cashed in on this torment by providing a service to ship a package of glitter to anyone, anywhere in the world with a note explaining why they have received it. So if you want maximum pain inflicted on someone for as little as $9.99 look no further.

Snake Massage

Just when you thought you had heard it all, a health and beauty spa in Israel offers a snake massage for those brave enough to try it out. For $70 you can have half a dozen California and Florida King Snakes, Corn Snakes and Milk Snakes slither across your body. As long as you remain calm and don’t shout at the snakes, you are guaranteed a soothing muscle relaxation experience.

Rent a Chicken

Ever wanted a chicken in your backyard but don’t want the commitment of purchasing one? Well you’re in luck! If you aren’t sure that looking after a chicken full time is in your wheelhouse, you can ‘trial’ caring for them buy renting one. Renting is popular for families who are looking for a new adventure and need to ‘try before they buy’.

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